David Wood

David Arthur Wood is a man of faith, first and foremost, a global businessman, a philanthropist, and sits on numerous boards and initiatives. He has been in the media, technology, real estate and fundraising world for most of his 33 years in business. As an Executive Producer, David Wood is currently working on numerous films, TV projects and web series. In addition, he is currently writing books and curriculum, and spends his personal time in research and reading. David is constantly learning new things. Thereby, obtaining more direction and wisdom from God.

David’s big media project is The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, a $185 million dollar film and game, that he and many hope will demonstrate the love of God, and set a new benchmark in Christian film making like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, which has been a global phenomenon and blessing. One of his other big projects is a $500 million dollar raise for a family faith studio based in Los Angeles, California, which is ground zero of global influence and a last-days mission field. By God’s grace, the studio will transform “Hollywood” into a “Holy Wood” that features positive content and unity.

David Wood heads up the Global Apostolic Council and has worked with every major charitable organization from The Red Cross, Salvation Army, and I.P.C., to doing global initiatives in countries like Africa, India, Korea, and Canada, just to name a few. Over the years, David has worked with every major media company on the planet, as well as the United Nations, IMF, G-8s and other major religious, political and N.G.O. groups.

David Wood is a big believer in serving others. If you want to see change in the world and peoples’ lives, then pray, roll up your sleeves and go do what Jesus did. Christians must possess love, faith, emotion and action. We can’t just pray or wish for things to change. God wants us to be His hands, feet and heart on earth.

Murray Dodds

is the Chairman of the Executive Team for The Resurrection Project. Murray’s passion is for kingdom ministry with a particular focus on the globe. He is starting a Global Gates Consulting business that spiritually engages leaders and organizations at the global gates of the world. Global gates are defined as places where world leaders and influencers make decisions that determine the destiny and culture of nations (UN, G8, WTO, WEF, Hollywood). It is heavy on Murray’s heart to organize, monitor, and develop emerging global spiritual authority. He has traveled to thirty-­‐five countries ministering through global gates or related initiatives.

He has a business related background through executive positions with the Alberta, Canada Department of Justice where he served for twenty years. He has served the federal government as a Governor General appointment to the Parole Board of Canada for many years. He is currently launching a new initiative starting a Global Conference business that will take him to the nations, and to the world.

He has served as a member of the International Prayer Council, sat on the Canadian Prophetic Roundtable and also is part of the Canadian Coalition of Apostles. He has been active on the city of Calgary servant leadership team engaging with those who have a heart for city transformation. Murray is a pastor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who has a heart for renewal and revival. He loves to see God’s people fully engaged in serving Him with passion out of the gifts He has given them.

Pastor Tim Price

is the official Pastor of The Resurrection Project. Pastor Tim has been a Christian for over 40 years and is the CEO for Center for Prayer Mobilization. The Center provides ministry weekends for anyone in need of a getaway, prayer, or spiritual healing.

The Center for Prayer is associated with organizations such as Lift up America, Global Day of Prayer, Global Media Information Technology, Jaeson Ma and the 1040 movie, Pan Pacific Film Festival, Bruce Cooks K.E.Y.S. summit, Joel’s Well, and I.S.D.M.

The Center is aware of the powerful effect that Hollywood has all over the world, and has been praying for 6 years that the Lord would transform Hollywood and use it to make an exponential change in people across the globe. Pastor Price also served on the leadership team in the A Line in the Sand prayer event at the Rose Bowl on 11-­‐11-­‐11 and is a spiritual advisor for the Pan Pacific Film Festival.

As The Resurrection Movement gains momentum, Pastor Tim will handle the prayer requests from those involved with the project globally.

Len Robinson

was raised on the Copperbelt of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) where his father, an engineer, ran the underground mining school. The Robinson’s immigrated to South Africa in the 70’s where Len served in the Air Force at 1SRS Radar Base. He later trained at South African Broadcasting Corporation as a TV cameraman and studied remotely for a BA degree through the University of South Africa (UNISA). Len initially worked as a photojournalist and in PR/Communications at three universities. Len also owned a large cabinet-making firm and was a founding partner of a very successful promotions company, Lefra Promotions (still in operation). He has worked on numerous publications and newspapers which include; The Sunday Times (business section), Frontline Faith News, UniNews, Sun Without Tears, Drugs in Sport, The Vanished Saddleback, Pietersburg’s 100 Year History etc. Videos, which he commissioned and provided concept scripts for have won a number of Davey Awards.

However, when Len became a Christian he felt God’s call to live his life with an eternal perspective. His ministry years began as executive director of Mission Without Borders (Southern Africa) –a ministry which worked in closed countries of Eastern Europe: Albania, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Bulgaria. He was transferred to the USA as North American CEO in the ‘90’s. Len later went back into the business world and raised venture capital to start RDE Labs and Crestway Scientific with two engineers and a physicist. RDE labs designs and builds radiation detection equipment with video cameras also provided to the International Space Station and for school busses across North America. One of RDE’s shuttle (orbiter) cameras captured the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003. Len sold his shares in RDE, which now operates mostly in Europe under the Murdoch family.

About 10 years ago, Len joined Open Doors USA as Vice President of Strategic Relationships. Open Doors serves persecuted Christians worldwide in the Middle East, China, North Africa, the Stan’s & Silk Road regions, the Gulf Region, Indonesia and other areas not mentioned for security. Len now serves as a strategic planner and development consultant to Christian non-­‐profits and universities in North America and abroad (Open Doors Canada is one of his clients).

Daniel Lonen

has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from the prestigious Azusa Pacific University, where he has become skilled in developing organizations and facilitating conflict resolutions. This special training will help him to manage and organize the Global Ambassador Program. Daniel is pursuing his Master’s degree, an MBA in International Social Media Marketing, a degree derived from the new media and globalization. He works hard in all he does and is known as a perfectionist with great team work ability. In athletics Daniel was a team captain for several teams winning State Championships in both wrestling and football. He won honors of All-State in football and College All-American in wrestling while becoming team national champions. His leadership shows through his perseverance and dedication, and he attributes all his successes to the influence of Jesus Christ, his savior.

Daniel is the Executive Director of Global Social Media for The Resurrection of Jesus Christ and leads the Social Media Ambassador globalization program for Christian media. Daniel was a global social media manager for the feature film Doonby and Head of Global Social Media Marketing for the feature film Jackson’s Run. He manages social media accounts for Christian professionals in the entertainment industry. Daniel worked as an Account Executive for ZeroSix Media, was a Line Producer for the Pan Pacific Film Festival, president of a non-profit organization, producer of short films with nominations at film festivals, and Producer/Editor for the Sonoma Christian Home Television Magazine.

Igbodike Obioha

serves as legal counsel to The Resurrection Project (LLC), which holds and oversees the funds raised for the production of the picture. Igbo is a UCLA graduate and received his law degree at USC. An expert in entertainment law, Igbodike is the president and founder of Obioha & Associates, APC in Culver City, California. As president, Igbo’s mission is to represent talented individuals with vision and potential.

As a former trial attorney, highlights of his career in entertainment include his successful representation of recording artist Prince’s record label Paisley Park, and his involvement with the creative forces behind The Films Stomp the Yard, Barbershop, and the hit television show “Eve”. Obioha also served as production counsel for the family film Hurricane In the Rose Garden and the multi-­‐media project, “The Red Letters Project,” which is a full-­‐length CD and audiovisual music project featuring the words of Jesus Christ from the book of Matthew set to music from top contemporary artists from the gospel/Christian music genre.

El Clark

was in private legal practice before coming to The Foursquare Church denomination in 1992 as its general legal counsel and manager of the Foursquare Insurance and Loan departments. He presently serves full-­time as general counsel for The Foursquare Church and a number of its subsidiary entities.

El’s pastoral experience includes Assistant Pastor, New Life Center Foursquare Church, Everett, WA; Senior Pastor, Lake Norman Foursquare Church, Lake Norman, NC; Senior Pastor, First Foursquare Church of Charlotte, NC, and Senior Pastor, New Heart Foursquare Church, Altadena, CA. He currently serves as Missions Pastor and Pastor Emeritus of New Heart Foursquare Church in Altadena, California. He also serves as Missions Representative for approximately 150 local churches in the Los Angeles area.

El is a frequent advisor on church legal issues for churches and church-­‐related organizations. He has served on the advisory board of the Church Risk Management Certificate Program of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England. He has also been a frequent guest-­‐lecturer at Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California. As an officer of Compassion’s Call, El is actively engaged in emerging leader development in Africa.

Sean Dunn

of Groundwire is also the founder of Champion Ministries. Groundwire.net is an online ministry that offers the opportunity to leverage the world’s technology to connect thousands of un-­‐churched young people with the Gospel of Jesus

Sean is a gifted and anointed communicator who partners with religious organizations to assist them with camps, conferences, retreats, youth weekends, spiritual emphasis weeks, chapel services, missions training, outreaches, youth ministry, training and consulting, radio programs, television ministry, outreaches and crusades.

Sean’s Groundwire ministry has already become an important partner with The Resurrection Project as his links and logo can be found on our home pages. Sean Dunn joins the Board of Spiritual Advisors to help steward this Project.

Brent Dusing

founded Lightside out of his passion for quality, authentic Christian entertainment and his commission to spread God’s Word. Prior to Lightside, Brent was the Founder and CEO of Cellfire, the nation’s leading mobile coupon company. Prior to Cellfire, Brent was a venture capitalist. He also spent a year working with homeless people and refugees in Johannesburg, South Africa. Brent has Bachelors in Economics and graduated cum laude from Harvard University. Brent most recently oversaw the successful game for History Channel’s hit series, “The Bible”.

John Noronha

is the Director of Operations of the Caput Mundi Academy of Culture and Communications and a Professor of Art & Architecture and Theology in Rome. As an American who was born in India and lives in Italy, he has a diverse cultural and academic background.

John has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, as well as a Master’s in Computer Engineering and Information Systems. John worked for many years in the telecommunications industry with the Technology and Initiatives Group at Verizon Global Telecommunications before accomplishing a Master’s in Philosophy and Theology. He is a Wilbur Fellow and is now working on a PhD in BioMedical Ethics at the Pontifical University of the Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

Ashley Noronha

has an M.A., STL, Ph.d cand. and is an American Professor of Communications & Leadership in Rome, Italy. She also teaches Media Training to secular and Catholic lay organizations as well as Media Training for Priests for various orders, seminaries and communities all over the world.

She is the Rome Correspondent for the Relevant Radio network, with a weekly report on Mondays at 8am ET. She covered the Papal transition period over these last few months for Relevant Radio and has appeared on FOX News, CBS, CBN and more.

She works for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications at the Vatican, was formerly the Director of Communications of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross Foundation, and also coordinated the Church Up Close seminar in Rome designed to offer professional training for international journalists who cover religion.

Naomi Chamroo

Since Naomi’s miraculous conversion in June 2011, when Jesus appeared to her in her dreams; she began a deeply passionate relationship with Him and has relentlessly pursued Him ever since that day. Naomi re-tells the miraculous encounters in the book titled : ‘I AM Encountering Jesus through Dreams and Visions.’

Naomi Chamroo is a passionate and devoted mother, daughter of the King and Lover of Jesus. She is a vibrant and vivacious ministry leader, author, teacher, seer, dreamer and dream interpreter. Naomi’s gift to understand the supernatural things of God, gives her a unique perspective within the prophetic realms of revelations.

Naomi carries the deep revelation that in order to fully walk in all that Jesus died to give us we must have understanding; her conviction is that knowledge and understanding only come through relationship and study. As a teacher, Naomi trusts in the importance of biblical study and appreciates that these tools will lead to revelation and truth where God can reveal His plans for us, for others and for the entire world.

Naomi is the founder of The Dreamer Ministries UK, equipping, empowering and teaching others about the mystery of the dream language. The ethos of the ministry is to teach us how to interpret the hidden messages that are woven into the metaphorical and symbolic language of dreams. Naomi’s God given mandate is to teach and train others to interpret the midnight messages for themselves given by God.

Her deepest desire is to see people fulfill their unique destiny here on earth. Naomi’s training, resources and personal ministry enable others to understand and apply the route God gives them through supernatural encounters, dreams and visions. Naomi attends a vibrant church in her local town where she lives with her wonderful son and is also member of Morningstar Fellowship of Ministries. She is Co-founder of Boo Soul Spa a place of physical and spiritual healing.

“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.” 2nd CORINTHIANS 5:20 (NKJV)

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